Kanye West had an eventful day.

Hours after visiting Donald Trump inside the Oval Office, the 41-year-old artist made a quick stop at an Apple store in Washington, D.C. But Ye wasn't there to simply shop. Nope. According to reporter Jack Jenkins, Kanye—being the introvert that he is—decided to hop on another table and give an impromptu keynote speech about his meeting with POTUS. 

Ye told the crowd of customers that he had given Trump an "updated" version of the MAGA hat, without the word "again." Jenkins said Kanye decided to eliminate that part because it "hurts black people." He then proceeded to show everyone a photo of the president rocking the "MAG" design.

You can check out a recap of Kanye's Apple store stunt in the tweets below. 

According to TMZ, Kanye also gifted Trump a pair of size-12 Yeezys, and gave Ivanka and Jared Kushner hats that read "Make Earth Great Again" and "Travel Space Again," respectively.

While speaking in front of reporters at the White House on Thursday, Ye spoke about his controversial decision to wear the "MAGA" hat as well as the feeling it gave him.

"It was something about when I put this [Make America Great Again] hat on, it made me feel like Superman," he told Trump. "You made a Superman cape for me."

Kanye also reportedly told Trump about his plans to create a Chicago-based factory dubbed "Larry's"—name after infamous street gang leader Larry Hoover, who is serving six life sentences for murder. Kanye said he intends to manufacture various merchandise at the factory, including MAGA hats.