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It looks like G-Eazy and Halsey have called it quits yet again.

If you remember, the "Him & I" duo split up a few months ago, though the true cause of the breakup was never confirmed. It was reported, however, that the Bay Area rapper was allegedly caught sending dirty text messages to other women. After sharing a flirty rendezvous at the 2018 VMA's in August, it appeared that the two were working on reconciling. In addition, last month G-Eazy shared a birthday tribute to his then girlfriend and the love they shared on his Instagram.

However, a source informed E! News yesterday that, though the two "were doing well until a couple of days ago," the two are now "currently split." The source claimed that during G-Eazy's appearance at the Karma International party, he was seen flirting with other women and telling them that his "on-and-off" relationship with Halsey had ended. Halsey, who did not attend the event, was busy promoting music in Tokyo.

Fans of the couple can also look to Instagram to confirm the news, as they unfollowed each other's accounts, though there are some remnants of the relationship left on both of their pages, for the moment.