Like Chance the Rapper's last year, his latest single "I Might Need Security" is busy and densely packed. Over a sample lifted from a Jamie Foxx standup special, Chance lays down double and triple entendres while discussing the many ways his life has changed since he became a star. 

Chance breaks down some of the lines on "Security" in a new video for Genius, touching on everything from his purchase of Chicagoist to the tenure of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. 

In the song, he trashed the Chicago Sun-Times for being too friendly with the governor of Illinois and then said that he purchased the online publication Chicagoist to run racists out of town. In the video, he gave a more in-depth explanation.  

"I purchased the Chicagoist actually not to run racist bitches outta business," he said. "Really I brought it to provide more jobs for black and brown people in the city as writers at a high-profile publication."

On the subject of racism, he gave the backstory to his bars on microaggressions.

"I don't know why but white dudes, they tend to pat me on my back really hard or talk to me about the community in a really condescending way," he said. "It's shit that we deal with that's not always physical violence or systematic oppression. Sometimes it's just this very emotional racism that comes through in conversations."

Chance saved most of his ire in the video for current mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel. Chance laid out point-by-point why he feels that Emmanuel should not lead the city in the future. Chance takes issue with his record on closing schools and the way that he handled the Laquan McDonald case. 

"He just doesn't need to be mayor anymore," he said. "It's over for his ass, yo."