Cardi B's Sister Claims Nicki Minaj Leaked Cardi's Phone Number

Cardi B's phone number is in the hands of Nicki Minaj's fans.


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Cardi B and Nicki Minaj's beef has turned into a proxy war. On Bardi's side, we have the "Money" rapper's sister, Hennessy Carolina. On Nicki's, an army of eager fans. 

According to Carolina, Minaj leaked Cardi B's phone number to her fan clubs which led the overzealous Barbz to send threats to the rapper. While Cardi didn't bring it up publicly, her sister has had enough. Carolina posted screenshots of some of the offending messages along with an insinuation that Nicki was behind the harassment.

"Ya asking why I’m beefing with a fan base but ya not asking why someone with so much influence would use their influence to manipulate their fans to spread so much negativity and hate!" she wrote on a post to her Instagram. "She leaked my sister's number to her fan pages the same shit she did to Mariah Lynn. It's easy for y'all to ask me why I'm bothered, why I care so much. But not one of you is waking up to death threats every day, made up stories that can effect my real life and real relationships. Imagine if this was your infant child, imagine if this was your sister or ya mother. "

It's not the first time that the topic of weaponized fan armies has come up in the two MCs' long-simmering feud. Cardi recently shared that she had to move up the release of her latest single because Minaj's fans kept leaking the track.

"It’s like, f*ck it; if it’s leaked, might as well put it out,” she told her fans on Instagram. “I think it got leaked because sometimes you send your records early to these streaming or these music platforms, somebody from they building leak it and everything.”

Cardi said the Barbz spread the leaks before she could pull it back.

“We tried to retract it, but you know the Barbz—they always posting me, they always post everything I do. They claim they hate me but they really love me because they be on my page before my fans," she said. "Everything that I do, they be on it before my fans. So, clearly, that seems like love to me.”

Check out some of that love in Carolina's post up top.

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