A benefit of being in Halloween season is witnessing truly great costumes and we have seen plenty of them this year. The internet was recently in a gushing frenzy when Rita Ora completely transformed into Post Malone, an act that helped further distinguish the good costumes from the great ones.

However, there exist a handful of individuals from whom we highly anticipate their top-tier level of pageantry, and Beyoncé most likely is perched at the top of that list. This year, she easily managed to reach (and possibly exceed) that high bar.

Enter "Phoni Braxton," a Toni Braxton-inspired ensemble that doubles as an homage to the musical icon. Earlier in the day, Beyoncé unleashed the look onto the world, as the photos draw direct inspiration from both Braxton's 1993 self-titled debut album and its accompanying single, "Another Sad Love Song."

The Everything Is Love singer also utilized the moment to acknowledge Braxton's legacy. "Sending love and adoration to one of our talented legends," she says." "Thank you for the countless bops. Your tone, your beauty, your range, and your God-given talent is treasured. Loving you always. Have a Happy Halloween my Kings and Queens."

Check Beyoncé's Instagram to view the costume in full display.