Tonight, Peter Rosenberg ended Season 2 of Open Late in style, bringing back Action Bronson for the final one-on-one interview. We already know that Bronson's new album, White Bronco, will feature a collab with ASAP Rocky, but Bam Bam went deeper into his latest LP.

First up, Rosenberg spoke with Bronson about his independent status. Bronson became a free agent back in April, and the long-awaited White Bronco is the first full release since splitting with Atlantic. "I'm just back to being me," Bronson explained. "I'm independent, I don't have to answer to anybody, I just do what I want." Which would explain why this project sounds like "yesteryear" as opposed to something that's been groomed by a machine.

"You get too comfortable," Bronson said about what it's like being at a label. "This just puts the ball back in your hands, where it needs to be. I'm a fucking point guard; I distribute. Nobody distributes to me."

When it comes to the sound of White Bronco, Bronson confirmed that the "bronco" on the project isn't about a horse. "It's pertaining to being wild... untamed. That's how I feel."

Bronson also mentioned Harry Fraud helped him out "a bunch" on this album, and said the other voices you'll hear include Meyhem Lauren, Rocky, and the ever-present Big Body Bes.

Their conversation also touched on Bronson remembering his time with Mac Miller, his affinity for sculpting, and of course, digging in the crates. Check out their full convo up above, and for more from Open Late, head over to