Hailing from Carver Ranches, Florida, AC Smitty delivers his new video for "Waves" which features New Orleans mainstay Currensy.

"'Waves' was one of them records I woke up out of my sleep like 7 in the morning and had the melody in my head,” Smitty told Complex. "I told my ole girl I had a hit. I didn’t even have the words to it just the overall flow. It’s a song I been pushing for a while and is still one of my favorites."

Smitty also had high praise for Spitta. "Working with Currensy was super dope 'cause he is one of my favorite artists and was on the top of my list of artists I wanted to work with. I opened up for him a few times throughout the years, so the universe just brought us together. Nothing was forced, it was a smooth process and a dope track came out it. Definitely a good look for the future."

The visual for "Waves" is simple and direct; AC Smitty and Currensy are found trading raps in a gritty neighborhood while surrounded by some vintage and luxury cars, a symbol of the large aspirations Smitty holds. There are no gimmicks or unnecessary distractions, which helps keep the focus on the talent displayed.

The video arrives alongside Smitty's new EP (hosted by producer and mixtape veteran Don Cannon), titled Better Late Than Never.

Check out the video for "Waves" above and grab Better Late Than Never here.