SOB X RBE as we know it may be no more.

Fresh off word that the sequel to Gangin would be out Sept. 28, social media activity from the Empire signees pointed to a split. In a lengthy Instagram note explaining Gangin 2 would be his "last album with SOB," Yhung T.O. informed fans that he would "never sell my soul" by going against "everything" in which he believes. "Crazy How You make money and Create a New Life wit N***as you call brother and in the End they still disloyal," he wrote on Instagram Wednesday. He went on to add, "Sumtimes No matter how hard you try to keep shit together sometimes shit just be destined. Who knows what the future a bring tho."

In a separate update via his Story, Yhung T.O. predicted that he would be the one to catch the blame for the split:

Image via Instagram

In addition to this month's new (and, seemingly, last with Yhung T.O.) album, the group—also formerly comprised of DaBoii, Slimmy B, and Lul G—had another leg of their Global Gangin tour with Quando Rondo on the books for later this year. Though Yhung T.O.'s status with the act seems pretty clear, it was not immediately known at press time how the split will affect the tour or the group's overall future. Fans closely following these developments have pointed out other signs that a split was imminent, including the fact that both Yhung T.O. and DaBoii have taken "SOB" off their social media profiles.

Complex has reached out to their reps for additional comment and will update accordingly.

The official group social media profiles still list both Yhung T.O. and DaBoii as members and, at the time of this writing, have made no mention of the apparent shuffling. 

In an interview with HotNewHipHop just last month, Yhung T.O. was seemingly still looking toward the future for the group, whose "Paramedic!" landed on the Kendrick Lamar-curated Black Panther soundtrack back in February. "The next person to kill a verse or go crazy on a song make you want to do the same," he said at the time when asked if there was "friendly" competition within the group dynamic. "But we try to motivate each other more than anything. It's not like competition. We motivate each other to go harder."