On Monday, Tomi Lahren took exception to Michelle Obama calling her husband a "great president" with a tweet that fostered intelligent debate over what constitutes a successful presidency, while also acknowledging how a familial bond would override intense objective scrutiny on this particular subject. Nah, just kidding, it was a troll tweet that predictably got people chirping in her mentions. You know how this whole system works by now. Here, read it for yourself if you haven't already:

While every tweet Lahren sends out is going to draw harsh responses, the line that seems to be getting the most attention is the "Sit down, Michelle" part. In fact, it got Wale to reprise the wrong name meme that was kind of funny until, like Harambe and Crying Jordan before it, the internet masses got ahold of it and ran it into the ground. Nevertheless, if there's one dude who should retain the power to drop it, it's the guy who started it in the first place, and that's exactly what he did (as we just said) while also invoking Lahren's past criticism of Colin Kaepernick:

For those searching for full context, the former first lady's line came at a "When We All Vote" rally where she tried to gin up interest in the midterms.

“Here’s what we have to do,” she said, per The Hill. “If we want qualified people that we trust, then people have to vote. Because you can’t vote some of the time and then sit out. You know, we saw that happen. We experienced that. But we had a great president.

“But every couple years folks sat out and said ‘well, I did my part, I voted once, I’m done, I’m out.' And I’m just telling you that democracy doesn’t work that way.”

Anyway, we'll update if Lahren responds with another one of those Whale tweets.