T-Pain had a loaded gun in his carry-on bag at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Now, he's clearing the air as a response to naysayers who ridiculed him for the "honest mistake."

In a video, T-Pain says his bodyguard put the gun in his bag about a week ago and forgot about it—until they were going to the airport security.

"For everybody reading headlines and making their own stories and calling me an 'ignorant thug with a gun' just because that’s what you draw from my image. What they’re NOT talking about is how I didn’t leave my Security stuck there with MY gun when most artist would’ve ran off from fear of the press," read his Instagram post."It was an honest mistake. NO CHARGES. NO ARRESTS. All my guns are legal, registered to me under my license to carry and out of the reach of my children because I’m not a dumbass. Atlanta PD unloaded the rounds and handed it right back to me, I sent it home and caught the next flight out. Pls for the love of God. CALM YOUR TITS!!!"

Funny enough, a similar situation happened during the second season finale of Atlanta, where Donald Glover's character accidentally forgot his uncle's gun was in his bag when he went to the airport to go on tour with Paper Boi. But in Earn's case, he sneakily passed off the gun to another rapper's bag. Luckily for T-Pain's bodyguard, he's not as ruthless.