Around a month ago, a Russian Chief Keef fan posted on Reddit claiming he was planning to run up on 6ix9ine during his then upcoming show in Moscow. Fellow Keef fans offered to pay the user, known as turboperhour, if he actually went through with it. On Thursday night, he actually went through with his promise, even going so far to post the results of the incident on Reddit with a picture of his battered face.

During the show, the fan ran up on stage to punch 69 before getting attacked by the rapper and his security crew. As to be expected, the highly controversial 22-year-old rapper runs with a lot of security due to his countless beefs in the rap industry. It's not shocking, then, that the fan in question left the stage worse off.

After receiving a number of stomps to the face, he was taken offstage and 6ix9ine continued his show relatively unharmed. "I don't want people thinking we just out here beating people up," he said on Instagram live after the show. "The kid tried to stupid."

Keef's sub-Reddit users immediately came to the conclusion that the fan attempted a WWE clothesline, although it's hard to say considering how quickly he made it to the floor when security stepped in. Keef and 69's beef continues to keep itself weird.