Taken from their upcoming debut EP, MOES, due for release on October 12, Swiss production duo The Beautiful Now (made up of Florian Reichle and Toni Schiavano) are today premiering their new single "Life At Ease". The new track features the deft work of Jneiro Jarel (who has worked with the likes of MF Doom and The Gorillaz), BigYuki on the keys (J. Cole, A Tribe Called Quest) and Brandy Butler, who together create a musical concoction of the highest calibre.

Describing their sound as "modern beat-based world music", "Life At Ease" is rooted in hip-hop, but the duo also incorporate elements of other genres such as different drums and hand claps. This song serves as a feel-good record, but it will be interesting to see what other sounds and moods are explored when the full project drops early next month. 

Listen to "Life At Ease" below.