After building up an astonishing buzz, including props from Kanye West, Talib Kweli and even James Brown, multilingual rapper Pete Philly was sadly stopped in his tracks in 2013 with a life-threatening illness. Now, thankfully, he's back with his health back on track and a raring-to-go mentality. The latest track to emerge from this reinvigorated Pete Philly is "Gigawatts II", a bouncy rap banger about knowing yourself and the freeing self-confidence that comes with it. Joining him on the track is off-kilter, ball of energy rapper Jurley Colin who brings amps up Pete with the same untameable energy that made "Droopyface" so exciting.

Speaking on the release, Pete says "So far this year, I've specifically dropped songs celebrating the love and connection I've found throughout my trials and tribulations.  I'm glad to come out the gate with optimism and strength. 'Gigawatts II' is the tune celebrating that power, self actualisation and understanding of the gig that comes with being a truly autonomous artist. Usually the aspirations I touch on in my music are spiritual, this one is very much grounded in the material."