It's only been a couple of weeks since South London R&B singer Cat Burns released her stunning new single "Sober", but knowing we're an impatient bunch, she's already blessing us with the track's video. Dimly lit, the video sees Cat sitting in her room, examining texts from a lover she realises only hits her up when he's had a drink. It can be a difficult pill to swallow, realising that special someone doesn't value you the way they should. Backed by a mellow, Afropop-influenced production from Jake Isaac, Cat gives the boy a strong, albeit beautifully sung, take down.

Sadly, as she explains to Complex via email, the track comes from experience: "Me and a lot of my friends have dealt with these kinds of guys, people who will only message us when they're out and not sober."

Take a look at the top and keep an eye on Cat Burns and what will no doubt be a meteoric rise to the top.