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Nicki Minaj is back with episode seven of Queen Radio. The rapper jumped right into handing out her weekly awards to various winners and losers. On this latest episode, the Cock Sucka of the Day title went to the two women who photographed Geoffrey Owens working at Trader Joe’s, Karma Lawrence and her wife Yanelle. 

She blasted the two women for shaming the former Cosby Show actor, which they’ve denied trying to do, and then offered Owens $25,000.

Minaj then moved on to wish her collaborator and legend Foxy Brown a happy birthday and gave her the award for Queen of the Day.

During a break on the show, Queen Radio played Nicki's new feature on BTS' single "Idol." A video for the collab also dropped today. 

The “Barbie Dreams” rapper spent most of the episode talking about her “new boy” and her demanding sex life. She referenced her new boy during her appearance on Ellen earlier this week. While discussing her new relationship, she got into a conversation about her sex life with Meek Mill.

Though she doesn’t say his name directly, Nicki refers to him as that “pray for times like this” dude, referencing Meek’s song “Dreams and Nightmares.”

Last month, Nicki switched up the schedule for her North American tour. She’ll still be touring with Future in Europe, but will now be touring the U.S. and Canada in May 2019 without the Atlanta rapper.