Eminem's tenth studio album, Kamikaze, continues to dominate the conversation. The album saw Em getting personal and naming names, and among them was his former collaborator and Slaughterhouse member Joe Budden. The latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast contains a response to the diss, which appeared on album track "The Ringer."

Budden is confident in his claim that he's a better rapper than Em, despite admitting Marshall has done some "amazing shit" throughout his career. "They sheltered you your whole fucking career," he says. "News flash... I've been better than you this entire fucking decade. I can't say that back then. But in my rapper brain, I'm a content n***a. You have to say something. You haven't said anything for the better part of a whole fucking decade."

Kamikaze was met with a mixed response from listeners and critics, and it seems Budden certainly isn't a fan. Despite this, he does have at least some nice words for the 45-year-old rapper. "You have rhymed a bunch of words. Em, let me give you some love. Em is the best rhymer of words on the planet," he added. "He can rhyme letters. He can rhyme words that don't rhyme. He can rhyme accents, damn near. He can do a lot."

He goes on to attack Em further from there, though, suggesting he's out of touch. "You've been in your cocoon, so you're unaware of a few things," he explained. "The tricks that you tried with pop stars, you can't come out of your cocoon and pull with the rappers. Em, you're no longer in control."

On "The Ringer," Em rapped, "I'm sorry, wait, what's your talent? Oh, critiquin'/My talent? Oh, bitch, I don't know who the fuck y'all are/To give a subpar bar or even have an opinion of you/You mention me, millions of views, attention in news/I mention you, lose-lose for me, win-win for you/Billions of views, your ten cents are two."