The hardest part of being an artist? Actually making the art. Most people only get to see the spoils, and the results of it. Few are ever there at the moment of creation.

In the third episode of Run the Show, we’re taken inside the booth as rising rap star J.I.D lays down vocals for his upcoming album, DiCaprio 2, on Dreamville/Interscope.

As the Atlanta-bred talent told Complex, that moment—getting the opportunity, seeing it, and executing on it—only really comes down to one thing: “You gotta be real with yourself.” Of course, like every other artist, J.I.D understands that this means exposing yourself to the world, opening yourself up to criticism, and the possibility of failure. And yet? “I don’t worry about myself,” J.I.D. explains, “Until I’m done with what needs to be done.”

That’s exactly what the latest chapter of Run The Show demonstrates: Watching a young artist leave it all on the track, the only surefire path to success. As cliche as it sounds, trust us—giving everything that you got the way J.I.D does laying down vocals, is one of the few time-tested formulas for success.

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Styling by Alanna Rose.