Toronto duo Dvsn rose up almost out of nowhere when "Hotline Bling" producer and member Nineteen85 debuted a number of tracks on OVO Sound Radio, instantly building a fan base thanks to their distinctive sound. Comprising of vocalist Daniel Daley and producer Nineteen85, the two quickly stood out despite their mostly anonymous nature at the time. In their new documentary series, Since October, the duo explore their origins and what's coming next.

"We all grew up kind of figuring out whether or not anybody from the city would ever be able to sort of get on or get in the game," producer and OVO Sound co-founder Noah '40' Shebib says. "After me and Drake kind of, like, kicked down that door we felt an obligation to continue to bring more people through it."

Before 40 even had a chance to explain Dvsn to Drake, Daley and Nineteen85 finished their first album together. "[Drake] was already like, calling me, 'Oh man have heard these guys Dvsn?'" 40 explains. The turnaround with them was quick: they signed to OVO on Feb. 29 2016, about a month before they released their debut project on the label, Sept. 5th.

Watch the first chapter of Since October above, and look out for more episodes in the future.