Drake's reign atop the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2018 has almost reached the point where we take it for granted. With three hits, including his current smash "In My Feelings" currently on a nine-week streak, Drake has spent 28 weeks at No. 1, which is already more than half of the year, and it's only September. However, it looks like his latest single finally has a real challenger in Maroon 5's Cardi B-featuring hit "Girls Like You." 

According to Billboard, the battle for first between Drake and  Maroon 5 is extremely tight. The rapper's bounce-indebted croon to Kiki is on pace to notch 40 million U.S. streams and 17,000 downloads this week, while Maroon 5's track will earn 28 million U.S. streams and 18,000 sold but will be bolstered by more radio play.

Nielsen's predictions give Drake the ever-so-slight win, which would break the record for most weeks at No. 1 in a given year by a single artist. He's currently tied for first with Usher, who spent 28 weeks in the top spot in 2004 with four different singles. Drake managed it with just three ("Nice for What," "God's Plan," and "In My Feelings").

If Drake is unseated, he might not even notice. Recent reports have him doing the absolute most to woo his potential new paramour Bella Harris, shutting down an entire restaurant to celebrate with her in a brief break from his Aubrey & the Three Migos Tour.

We'll see if Cardi is the new queen of the charts when Billboard makes it official on Sept. 17.