Boosie Badazz has been taking a lot more interviews as of late, promoting a large number of upcoming projects including new label signees, his acting debut, and much more.

During an interview with Real 92.3 LA's BootlegKev & DJ Hed, Boosie was asked about his "spank bank." At around the 26:08 mark of the interview, he responds, "You know, Rihanna gotta make the list. I would love to spank her bank. I would love to spank Nicki [Minaj] bank also."

Upon mentioning this, he slyly adds that he tried to slide into both of their DMs. When pressed for more information on what he said, he replied, "I was fucked up [...] I think I said, like, 'Wassup.' I dunno I was horny that night, I think I say, 'You need a real n***a?' I don't what the fuck I said. I know I was scrolling and that motherfucker was looking so good. I say, 'FUCK THAT, I'm a real n***a, you heard?'"

When asked if he's game to send dick pics, Boosie didn't hesitate and said he definitely isn't above it. "You gotta make your shit look bigger, you got them angles... Them angles make your shit rise," he replied, with a straight face.

During the interview, Boosie also spoke at length about signing 13-year-old rapper Lil Blurry to his label Bad Azz Music Syndicate. "It's going down. Billion-dollar kid. We takin' over the industry [...] We making big moves," Boosie said in a video announcing the deal. 

Check it all out up top.

Last month, Boosie also made headlines for saying he thought Bill Cosby and R. Kelly are innocent. "Every night a celebrity has women that offer themselves to them, offer their lovin' to them, beautiful women," he told DJ Vlad during the interview. "N****s don't have to grab arms, we don't have to do that because women are infatuated with us."