Boosie Badazz’s record label has inked a deal with Lil Blurry.

Wait. Lil who?

On Thursday, Boosie hit up Instagram to announce he had signed the rapper to his Bad Azz Music Syndicate imprint.

“It's going down. Billion-dollar kid. We takin' over the industry [...] We making big moves,” Boosie said in a video announcing the deal.

We don’t know much about Blurry at this time, but after a little internet sleuthing, we’ve concluded several things: he’s from California; has an affinity for high-end labels; and likes to rap about “pouring fours,” “smoking on that cabbage,” and pulling up in Maseratis. Oh, and he’s also 12.

Blurry is currently promoting his newest single called “Emotions.” If you're curious, you can check out the track's official music video below.

We've reached out to Blurry's management team in an attempt to get some answers to the most obvious questions: How did he meet Boozie? How much was the deal worth? And where the hell are his parents?

We'll update if we get a response.