DJ Vlad sat down for an interview with Boosie Badazz, and the subject matter shifted to the topic of sexual assault and harassment in the fifteenth segment. In the nine-minute section of the interview, he spends a lot of his energy defending R. Kelly, Usher, Russell Simmons, and countless other celebrities accused of sexual assault.

"When people put a black cloud over your head, that motherfucker hard to go," he said at the 0:45 mark. "When they tell me they're gonna take his [R. Kelly] music [off Spotify] I got mad. I got in my feelings. [...] You're going too far, man." Boosie is adamant that Kelly and many others are innocent and the accusations are false, simply yelling at the 3:06 mark, "Them hoes mad. Why you ain't say this in the '70s or the '80s?"

Things only got more intense from there, with Boosie making a plea to jurors over Bill Cosby and other celebrities accused of assault. "I'm talking to the jury," he exclaimed at the 3:36 mark. "Every night a celebrity has women that offer themselves to them, offer their lovin' to them, beautiful women. Niggas don't have to grab arms, we don't have to do that because women are infatuated with us." The interview is generally filled with some disturbing comments from Boosie, but his outburst at this point might be one of the worst moments.

From the sound of things, Boosie just generally has a hard time believing the women who came out against all these serial abusers. Just because celebrities have people desiring them doesn't mean they aren't capable of rape or using their power for other disgusting, reprehensible actions.

"I don't believe Mike Tyson took no pussy, I don't believe 2Pac took no pussy. I don't believe niggas taking pussy who can fuck a million bitches a year," he says at the 5:05 mark.

Watch the full interview above.