We crunched the numbers, and the amount of fucks given during YG's new The Breakfast Club interview comes to a grand total of zero.


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"I need to go to rehab," YG joked when asked about the therapy talk at the center of "Deeper Than Rap," a cut off Stay Dangerous. "I drink a lot of tequila." When Angela Yee said she felt bad about offering him more tequila during the interview, YG explained how the show might better cater to artists. "Y'all should do this show at night time," he suggested. "Y'all could drop this shit in the morning!"

Elaborating further on the track's lyrics, YG credited film producer Scott Budnick (The Hangover) for helping him gain a new perspective on mental health. "They was talking to me about mental health and how a lot of our people, who got a lot of trauma in their life, we're like mental health victims and all this . . . So I'm like damn, I'm a victim to this shit then," YG said.

Unfortunately, the topic of 6ix9ine—for whom YG has made his dislike quite clear on social media and in song—was also broached. In the final quarter of the chat, YG told the Breakfast Club crew they could ask him "all the questions" because he doesn't give a fuck. Then, he was specifically asked about the 6ix9ine diss found in that "Suu Whoop" verse.

"I ain't come to Breakfast Club to talk about this n***a, but yeah it is in 'Suu Whoop,'" he said. "I said it and, yeah, that's how I feel, yeah. So what? Yeah, that little n***a was playing with too much of the real shit so I had to say something. It is what it is."

YG also discussed that Madden 19 fuckery, his recent live performance and fashion show experience in Los Angeles, and more. Catch the full interview up top.