Hip-hop has been known to break down barriers associated with race by bringing people of different backgrounds, religions, and genders together to celebrate their favorite artist. The same could be said for class. Even a suburban upper class family can appreciate a good rap song, as exhibited in Too Short’s latest video for "Ain’t My Girlfriend" featuring Ty Dolla Sign, Jeremih, French Montana, and Joyner Lucas

The Embryo-directed video starts by following a young girl as she strolls through her walkway and into a nearby minivan filled with members of her family. "Hey dad, can you play that new Too Short?," the girl asks. Her request is met with some over-the-top excitement from her father who immediately exclaims, "Fuck yeah," followed by her grandmother telling him to "turn that shit up."

From the moment the song begins, there are scenes of this upper class nuclear family singing along to every word of the song. And we mean, every word, which is either hilarious, or super cringeworthy, depending on who you ask.

Towards the end of the video, the family gets so into the track that the mom starts hanging out of the passenger side window while the father ghost rides the minivan. As Joyner’s part plays, we’re taken to another scene where a man is surrounded by women holding up signs that read "God Love Pimps," and "Save a Thot."

Check out the visuals for yourself up top.

"Ain’t My Girlfriend" will be featured on Too Short's upcoming album The Pimp Tape.