In April, Chromeo released a funky single featuring DRAM called "Must've Been" in the lead-up to their new album, Head Over Heels. The upbeat cut was an instant hit with fans—helped in part by a wild Dugan O’Neal-directed video—and it has already received remixes from artists like CIDMercer, and Yolanda Be Cool.

Now, Los Angeles R&B duo THEY. got their hands on "Must've Been" for a remix that Chromeo admits exceeded their expectations and might be even better than the original.

"Obviously we've been fans of THEY. for a minute (Dante's a genius producer)," Chromeo tells Complex. "We were initially expecting some sort of remix or rework but they've turned 'Must've Been' into an entire different song! Not gonna lie, it might be better than the original."

THEY. manage to infuse the song with their own smooth R&B vibe without losing any of the retro, dance floor-ready energy that made the original so great. Hear their remix below.

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