Lil Kim recently dropped her new single “Nasty One” with a luxurious music video. Later tonight, Nicki Minaj will debut Queen Radio on Apple Music's Beats 1. What do these two pieces of information have to do with each other? Not a single darn thing.

The Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj beef began pretty early on in the Young Money rapper's career, around 2009. To be fair, they’ve definitely taken shots at each other over the years, but the "Crush on You" legend is over it, and wants everyone to know that they can stop asking her about Nicki. She explained as much during a recent interview on Real 92.3 LA, when asked if she felt a “way” about Minaj’s album being titled Queen.

"Oh God, let me ask you this, Do you fuck with me for real? If you fuck with me then why isn't this about Kim?" she asked. "If we gonna mention one female, we need to mention them all. We need to bring everybody in and we need to show everybody love."

Kim goes on to explain that all the issues she has with Nicki are behind her. "God bless her, I wish her the best," she continued. "She did what she did, until she's ready, hopefully, God puts it on her mind to do the right thing because she knows what she did. Once that happens, hopefully everyone will stop asking me."

When Bootleg Kev attempts to chime in about how he also asked Remy Ma about Nicki, Kim cuts him down a notch. "That automatically puts females against each other," she said. "Let each female shine, when Remy's up here, ask her about her fuckin' dope ass bars."

"I don't really care about that either. I was named that, I never named myself that. It's a difference," the rapper said, eventually getting to the topic of Nicki's Queen title. "When the streets name you that, Biggie named me that. I didn't name myself that. When you gotta name yourself, that's a whole different thing, I would never name myself that."

So, out of respect for the Queen Bee, please stop asking her about Onika. Watch the full clip of the interview above.