YG was completely sober before he was kicked off an American Airlines flight, according to his affiliate Slim 400.

On Monday night, YG hit up Instagram claiming he was booted off a plane simply because he is black; however, the airline insists the Stay Dangerous rapper was asked to leave because he was seemingly too intoxicated.

“They kicked me off the plane, they talking about I’m drunk. No, bro, we gone,” he said in an Instagram video taken at LAX. “They kicked me off the plane. They said I’m drunk. I’m sober than a motherfucker, racist ass motherfuckers […] Racist ass motherfuckers. I’m suing. Run it up!”

Slim was on the flight during the incident, and has now come forward with his side of the story.

Speaking to TMZ, the rapper insists YG was not at all drunk when he boarded the plane, and that the situation went sour after YG asked to change seats. Slim claims that once YG made the request, the flight attendant began question the Compton rapper’s sobriety. Slim says they didn’t know why the situation escalated, suggesting it may have been racially motivated.

“What she did is, like, make it a big deal out of nowhere. It ain't [YG] fault because n***as know how YG get down. N***as seen YG on Instagram loaded as fuck, so you could tell how he was talking last night versus any other time he was really loaded, loaded,” Slim explained. “He ain't have a drink at all. He had just come back from whoopin' somebody ass in Madden, real shit. And went straight to the airport, then get there, go through the terminal, do all that extra shit and tried to change his seat. Now, she's saying he loaded.”

Slim said YG was visibly confused during the incident, but didn’t get loud or use profanity. The rapper said he and the rest of YG’s entourage got off the American Airlines flight and switched to Delta. Slim claims they had no issue with the Delta crew.

Shortly after YG blasted American Airlines on social media, the company responded via Twitter: “In our culture, every interaction with a customer or team member should be grounded in respect. Please meet us in DMs with more info.”

YG sent the following reply:

American Airlines responded to YG’s allegations in a statement to Complex: “The video speaks for itself—the passenger was asked to deplane as they were intoxicated.”