Saweetie is sending shock waves through the hip-hop universe. The Cali-bred MC initially gained recognition from her IG post-turned smash hit “ICY GIRL,” and less than a year later, she released her debut EP High Maintenance. Co-starring in Quavo’s video for “Workin Me” (a straight-up banger), which dropped earlier this week, Saweetie keeps racking up the W’s. She attributes her success and always-grinding mentality to those closest to her.

“I definitely come from a line of strong women,” the 25-year-old says. “It’s not only like my mother and my grandmother, but my aunties too… You see all these dope women, and it motivates you to be that one day.”

Saweetie recalls writing poetry in grade school with encouragement from her mother, which later evolved into a passion for writing bars, thanks to her discovery of J. Cole's music. Now, she’s got her sights set on collaborating with the Fayetteville rapper, and remains confident in achieving anything she sets her mind to.

"With a lot of attention comes criticism, but I’ll take that," Saweetie says. "I’m reaching all the goals I’ve set for myself, so you can’t say anything bad about that.”

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Styling by Toni-Blaze.