Hotly-tipped rapper Barney Artist will soon be dropping his third full-length album, Home Is Where The Art (due Sept. 21). The following he's already built up with the last two projects and a stack of singles should stand him in good stead with his debut album, and the buzz that's already surrounding it suggests that will definitely be the case. 

Today, he's sharing one of the album's key singles, "Rosethorn", a collaboration with Dornik, who provides a sweet and charismatic hook to the chilled rap cut. The visually-rich, slow-burning visuals from Jonas Risvig follow several people as they navigate the ups and downs of love to the tune of Barney's soulful, jazzy new single. Both the track and its video also speak to Barney and his team's attention to detail, each of them packing a high art edge that only accentuates the complexity of his music. 

"I'm super excited for people to see the 'Rosethorn' video!" Barney told Complex via email. "I got to work with an incredible director Jonas Risvig and his team in Denmark! It really feels like a step up for me visually and really represents the heart felt meaning of the song which is basically the ups and downs of love."

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