It's been over a decade since Lil' Kim dropped her last studio album, The Naked Truth, in 2005, but the rapper is finally gearing up for the follow-up. After releasing a catchy single called "Nasty One" on her birthday in July, she's now unveiled a vibrant set of visuals for the song.

"The single instantly reminds me of when I use to go to the underground clubs as a teenager," Lil' Kim tells Complex. "I naturally wanted the video to reflect that with the super sexy Caribbean vibe, vivid colors and the dancing. When my fans watch the video, I want them to ultimately jump up and groove with it."

Hitting the pool at an exotic mansion, Kim displays the life of luxury we'd expect from an artist who has sold over 15 million albums and 30 million singles in career that has spanned three decades. Teaming up with a group of dancers, she proves she still has the charisma and command of the spotlight that made her a star in the late '90s. She's still got it.

During an interview with Billboard earlier this year, Kim told fans that her forthcoming fifth album is "definitely coming out this year." She also explained that the project will include the storytelling that fans have grown to expect from her. And she'll have plenty of songs that are just for fun, too. "I think that this is one of my highly anticipated albums and I want it to be fun," she said. "What comes with telling a story is fun. I’m not gonna sit here and just make an album that’s [just] storytelling; you can’t play that in the clubs."

Watch the premiere of her "Nasty One" video up top and hear it on iTunes/Apple Music or Spotify.