Unless you're one of those sad and truly sordid individuals who intentionally deprives themselves of life's purest joys, you already know "SICKO MODE" is a multi-chaptered sonic experience like few other collabs this year.

Travis Scott's Drake-featuring ASTROWORLD standout, thanks to its frenetic pacing and that hilariously confounding sleepy Xanax line, is also an immediate fan favorite for live settings. For example, just watch the clip above (taken from Drake's recent stop in Toronto) and try your hardest not to mosh solo in your apartment while destroying everything in sight. 

The track, of course, is one of many examples of Scott's penchant for top-tier curation. "There's all sorts of surprises and gut-wrenching moments when you hear voices pop out of nowhere, like you hear Drake on 'Sicko Mode' just come out of nowhere," producer Sevn Thomas told us earlier this month when discussing the assortment of talent Scott assembled for his ASTROWORLD soundscape. "Abel and James Blake and Frank Ocean just pop out on you. It's like walking through a haunted house or something. You never know what's going to jump out and grab you—I love how they captured everyone's attention."

"SICKO MODE" will most definitely be among the La Flame catalog entries included in the setlist for Scott's upcoming ASTROWORLD: WISH YOU WERE HERE tour, which is set to kick off Nov. 8 at the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore. Virgil Abloh will be joining the lineup for the Toronto and Los Angeles dates.