Eric Benét's sharing of an uncredited quote about rap serving white supremacy is being met with some nopes.

For example, someone bothered Fat Joe about it in public and seemingly sold the resulting footage to TMZ. "That's his opinion," Joe said while being bothered in Beverly Hills. "I view music as entertainment, man. It's just entertainment. We have different rappers with different messages. It's all entertainment. If you're gonna go and you're gonna live your life behind a rap song, you're the fool. ... I don't know what he's talking about. It's a shame. I love Eric Benét."

Joe also noted the diversity of hip-hop fans, specifically pointing out more casual listeners like soldiers overseas and people who simply want an inspiring workout playlist.

Benét’s post in question, shared Monday, was an image of a quote that characterized rap artists as being a "black face for white supremacy." In his caption, Benét described the quote as an "inconvenient truth to some of the rich and famous."


Inconvenient truth to some of the rich and famous.

A post shared by Eric Benét (@ericbenet) on Aug 5, 2018 at 1:48pm PDT

Joe wasn't the only one to offer a rebuttal. Wale, in a comment on @TheShadeRoom's repost, reminded Benét that hip-hop at large has "always had an affinity for material things," going on to say, "it's apart of the very fabric (no pun) but does not define the players IN said genre." Wale contends the singer "got a point but it's not the only point."

As you surely recall, Benét was notably the subject of a certain line on JAY-Z's 2017 album 4:44 in which JAY advised that no one ever "go Eric Benét." Benét, mere hours after the album's release, brushed the Halle Berry breakup-referencing lyric off in a tweet: