Throughout his career, David Blaine has blown away artists like Kanye West, Drake, and Will Smith with incredible magic tricks. Adding to his collection this weekend, the 45-year old illusionist turned his attention to Travis Scott and amazed the rapper's whole crew with a card trick.

Gathering a group of Cactus Jack Records affiliates around a table, Blaine told Scott's photographer Ray's Corrupted Mind to read a driver's license number out loud. As each number successfully matched a series of cards laid out in front of Blaine, Scott flipped out and yelled before applauding the magician.

This isn't the first time that Scott and Blaine's paths have crossed. Way back in 2013, Scott told Noisey that the strangest celebrity encounter of his career was the moment he met David Blaine. "Can I even say where we met him?" Scott said at the time, shrouding the event in mystery. "That shit might be some—I don’t know. I might get struck by lightning. I met that dude on Bob Dylan’s old tour bus. And only selected people know where that is located."

Their second meeting this weekend seems to have left an impression on Scott. He posted a photo of himself holding Blaine's arm on Sunday evening, along with three mind blown emojis.

If you somehow missed the time David Blaine convinced magic enthusiast Kanye West to push an ice pick through his hand, make sure to watch that below.