We all know that Toronto is quickly establishing itself as one of the world's hip hot hotbeds. While a lot of people consider the new "Toronto Sound" to be the slow-churning emo hybrid of R&B and trap, there's a whole 'nother hip hop scene in the Big Smoke—one that's more traditional than trap, more Dilla than Drake, and one that Bozack Morris is repping for heavy on his debut Loose Cannons.

The project is eight tracks in total, including the singles "Never Change" and "Mak 90," and features some crazy guest appearances from heavyweights Conway, Westside Gunn, Black Milk, Elcee the Arist, Tut and Meyhem Lauren. "I want to move the rugged, underground sample-based production forward," Bozack says of the release. He cites Preem, Alchemist, Madlib, Pete Rock and, of course, Dilla, as some of his biggest inspirations, and fans of any of the above are sure to feel an affinity to Bozack's production style that offers a contemporary kick to a classic sound. 

Though Bozack has been promoting, hosting and DJing events in Toronto for over 15 years, he's just recently started putting his productions public and Loose Cannons is his first proper project. You can purchase Loose Cannons now in various forms (including the singles on 7" vinyl" at the GGBR Records site