During the first Atlanta show of Beyoncé and JAY-Z's On the Run II tour on Saturday night (Aug. 25), a random person ran onstage as the Carters wrapped up their performance. Thankfully, Bey's dancers sprung into action, tackling the person before they could reach her. During the second Atlanta show last night, Bey wanted to make sure no one was going to try running up on her and JAY-Z again much to the amusement of everyone attending.

As posted on Twitter, when the couple started to walk off-stage, Bey dramatically turned around to check behind her. She even offered a preview of what might happen to anyone dumb enough to try it, delivering a jumping kick before going backstage.

As the Hollywood Reporter notes, police are pursuing more charges against the man who ran onstage during the closing moments of the performance on Aug. 25. Atlanta police have identified the man responsible as 26-year-old Anthony Charles Thomas Maxwell, and he intended to make contact with JAY-Z.

Atlanta police officer Lisa Bender says Maxwell was initially issued a citation for disorderly conduct and was released shortly after, but now he's being charged with battery. Since he was tackled by both Bey and JAY's dancers as well as security, he was treated for minor injuries.