"Still ain't comfortable, so I ain't got my feet up," PnB Rock sings on his new song "Nowadays." He's not lying. After surprise-releasing three new songs in May, he showed up as a guest vocalist on Meek Mill's Legends of the Summer EP, and now he's readying the release of a new project called Trap Star Turnt Pop Star.

A chance to show his range and tap into a melodic pop sound as well as his trap origins, the project will be a double album—five songs for Side A, five songs for Side B—a split direction he alludes to as he spits, "I be singing and I be trappin" on "Nowadays." Of course, before anyone had the chance to compare the idea to Drake's similarly themed double album, PnB tweeted out some context on the eve of Scorpion's release.

"This is the only song I recorded while on my tour bus during the Catch These Vibe Tour," PnB Rock explains. "It’s just me tryna balance my highs and lows. Me and my family going from being broke to living lavish."

PnB has been teasing the 10-song project all year—even reaching out to fans for beats on Twitter—but the project has yet to receive a confirmed release date. His string of solo songs over the last couple months hints he might finally be gearing up for its release, though. The song is available on streaming services here. You can check out the video below.