Lil Pump knows the importance of safety whilst moshing.

At this weekend's strikingly eventful Wireless Festival, Pump—making his debut at the London fest—briefly halted his performance to ensure a fan in distress received the medical attention they so clearly needed.

"We here to turn up, we ain't here to stare at each other . . . Open up that moshpit!" Pump is seen telling the crowd in footage shared by DJ Semtex. "I don't wanna see nobody in the fucking middle at all." He then launched into punk-tinged anthem "Boss." However, Pump later had to hit the pause button on the festivities when he noticed a fan in need. "Yo, yo, paramedics," he said. "Somebody's having a seizure. We need paramedics. Yo, call paramedics, come on!" Pump ultimately followed the medical crew to a resting point away from the pit, later returning to the stage to let everyone know the fan was going to be fine.

Before moving on, Pump offered some sage drug advice: stay hydrated. "Do me a favor, if anybody's doing any type of drugs, drink water" he urged. "Please drink water, bro."

Though it should go without saying, mosh at least semi-responsibly. Zonked-out thrashing is no fucking fun if you're the guy passing out and forcing the show to a halt.