As it turns out, Wireless Festival organizers actually knew for months that DJ Khaled wouldn't be able to make it overseas for his previously announced headlining set.

Sunday, as your timeline surely informed you, Drake popped up in for a surprise set at the Finsbury Park-set festival after it was confirmed that Khaled was a no-go. Prior to an official announcement, many fans with the skill of spotting basic geographic clues had started to suspect that something was up when he posted vacation shots on social media.

In their initial explanation of Khaled's cancelation, as reported by BBC News, festival organizers claimed that "travel issues" had prevented the long-promoted set from going on as scheduled. Shortly after, festival organizers admitted in a tweeted statement that they had been given this knowledge "months" ago.

"Due to a scheduling conflict related to filming of the The Four, DJ Khaled was not able to commit to perform at Wireless Festival," organizers said in the statement. "Although we have known for a few months and tried to make it work, it wasn't possible. We take responsibility for not telling fans sooner and want all Khaled's fans in UK to know he truly looks forward to coming to UK to perform soon."

Naturally, this hasn't exactly been met with unanimous support from fans:

To make matters even worse, Drake tragically refrained from performing Scorpion highlight "Summer Games."