It's been over five years since the tragic death of Pro Era rapper Capital Steez, but Joey Badass has been determined to make sure his posthumous album eventually sees the light of day. Fans have been waiting for the posthumous album for quite a while, with the record originally scheduled to drop December last year. During a Q&A on his Instagram story, Joey has finally explained the project's delay.

When asked by a fan when to expect the album, now called King Capital, Joey responded, "Been wanting to answer this for a minute. You guys need to understand I am not the one who is holding back the release of King Capital and I never have been." He went on to explain that Steez's mother has been holding back the release of the project, and that she's the only one who knows the current status regarding its release.

"No moves can be made on that without his mother (the estate) having the proper things in order," he added. "They are still figuring it out with their lawyer. I'm sorry guys, if it were up to me it would be out a long time ago. I do not own Capital Steez's music and I never did. I hope this is enough for you guys to stop everything I do with 'drop King Capital'... If I could I would. There's nothing I want more than the project to be out and for his name to rest in PEACE."

As noted by HotNewHipHop, there's been tension between Joey and Steez's family for a while now. Only a week before this year's Steez Day, Steez's sister Tamara Dewar withdrew her support from the event, announcing, "Steez's family is not a part of this event!"