Freddie Gibbs and Madlib teamed up for the phenomenal Piñata back in 2014, and now Gibbs says they've officially finished work on the sequel, Bandana. The highly anticipated album does, however, come with some bad news for Gibbs fans. During an interview with Brian Miller and Elliott Wilson and Tidal's Rap Radar Podcast, Freddie revealed Bandana could be his last project.

Last month Gibbs returned with his surprise self-titled mixtape, reminding fans just how great he is at rapping. Now he seems to be indicating that he's slowing down. "I'm down with, you know, that Madlib album, so I just been sitting on that," he explained. "I mean I got money. I don't gotta put it out yet. I'm straight, I'm good. I could put it out when it's time to put it out, but that's the beauty of this."

When asked why he decided to drop Freddie instead of Bandana last month, he replied, "I just wasn't ready yet. I wanted to do something else first. I was like, 'Man, I wanna do this first.' I don't wanna put [Bandana] out yet 'cause I feel like, I don't know, that might be my last project."

Considering how fantastic his last release with Madlib was, Bandana sounds as if it could be a fitting end to his career. It must be said, however, that his distinctive voice will be missed.