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Chris Brown is currently on the road for his nationwide Heartbreak on a Full Moon tour for his massive 45-track album of the same name. At Wednesday's stop in Camden, New Jersey, Brown had to do a little more than simply perform.

C. Breezy called a young fan onstage to tackle his 2014 hit "Loyal" (an interesting choice given the song's subject matter, but we'll let it slide) with him in front of a crowd of thousands. The moment started off innocently enough with the two dapping each other up and dancing as the chorus blasted from the speakers. As would likely be the case for many in the audience, the boy was visibly starstruck being up there with one of his idols and fainted right in the middle of the stage.

As soon as the young performer passed out, the 29-year old sprung into action, scooped him up, and handed him back to someone in the sea of people—hopefully a parent or guardian. Thankfully, the kid seemed to be just fine shortly afterward because the rest of the show went off without a hitch. 

Brown posted the video on Instagram later to show some fan love. He said he was "scared for a second" before giving the kid some praise by calling him "legendary."