On the Lord’s Day, Cardi B and Offset decided to share the good word by showing off their new matching Lamborghini’s to the rest of us peasants.

Unfortunately the #blessed vibes soon subsided when people began claiming Belcalis and her husband leased the vehicles. Given the historic success of both Cardi and Migos, how anyone would assume that is puzzling, but the "I Like It" rapper took the bait and decided to respond to those trolls. How? By showing them the receipts.

Cardi not only showed off a receipt of the vehicle’s purchase, but shared a screenshot of her Wells Fargo bank statement to prove that she paid for the Lambo in cash. 

Since her exponential rise to fame, some have criticized Cardi’s tendency to respond too hastily to haters. Though it seemed like she might have been learning when to clap back and when to save her energy, that growth was nowhere to be found when the word “lease” came into play.

Meanwhile, those of us who can’t even “lease” a Lambo, logged into our own Wells Fargo accounts and sighed staring at the negative balance.

In other Cardi related news, turns out Pete Rodriguez, the man behind the 1967 hit “I Like It Like That,” had no idea his song was sample by the Bronx rapper until his grandchildren told him. “My kids and grandkids called me and texted me about it,” the 86-year-old told Entertainment Weekly. “We recorded [the original] in 1967, so it’s come a long way.”

Indeed it has. “I Like It” hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 at the beginning of July and is still in the running to be 2018’s song of the summer.