In a newly released interview with Birdman, he's revealed that he thinks that Drake is the "most consistent" rapper on the Young Money/Cash Money roster.

Speaking with Rap-Up TV, he said, "He got so many songs [...] He a workaholic [...] Drake kept this shit alive for the last four or five years, consistently. Nicki do her thing also, but he's been the most consistent."

It should be noted, however, that the interview took place months before Drake's Scorpion was released. On the track "Is There More," Drizzy rapped, "Soon as the album drop, I'm out of the deal." It remains to be seen how Birdman feels about the line, but judging from how highly he spoke of him before, it's unlikely he's a fan of the revelation.

During the interview, he also explained that Drake is a "monster," and that he was always sure he was going to be successful. "Till you experience it, you don't really know what it is. We knew [he] would be successful, but to me everyday of his life is not an experience of life because he talked about this shit and he turned it to reality."

With Drake's future at the label uncertain, it remains to be seen where he'll end up next if anywhere at all. He could very well go independent given the resources he has, but it could also be that one of the big record labels comes through with a partnership he can't afford to pass up. With him and Lil Wayne now out from under Birdman, it's going to be interesting time for fans of Young Money.