In celebration of her 22nd birthday, Alessia Cara gave fans a present by releasing her new single “A Little More.” The song was both written and produced by the Ontario native, who said she made the track in her basement.

The song is accompanied by a compilation of home videos edited by Cara. Images of the young singer traveling the world unfold as her smoky vocals and acoustic guitar play in the background. “A Little More” is a raw departure from the usual pop ballads Cara is know and loved for.

Cara released “Growing Pains,” the first single off her forthcoming album The Pains of Growing, last month with a music video of its own. Her sophomore effort comes out this fall, following her 2015 debut Know-It-All.

Last year she won the Grammy for Best New Artist thanks to “1-800-273-8255,” her collaboration with Logic. In December, she told Entertainment Weekly her second album may include socially conscious content similar to the suicide-prevention anthem.

“I don’t know if every song is going to be like that, just because that would be very heavy,” she said. “But I’ve been writing new music, and it’s almost done, and I have a bunch of songs that keep those topics in mind. When you make your first album, you’re not sure who is going to listen, but now I’m aware that I have a platform. I’m always going to offer an escape or some sort of light for people. I’m trying to do all of that on this album.”

“A Little More” is available to stream everywhere now.