Here’s your daily reminder that Marco Rubio is a walking L.

On Friday afternoon, the Florida Senator’s official Twitter page featured a campaign video in which he finally addressed the question everybody has been asking: Marco, what do you think of the new Kanye West joint?

“I don't know anything about Kanye West’s new album, other than I guess he premiered it out there in Wyoming and invited a bunch of people,” the former presidential contender said. “He’s an interesting guy. Actually he’s in the middle of that Pusha-T and Drake fight […] That whole thing is so complicated.”

For some reason, his team allowed him to continue: “Bottom line is I haven’t heard [Ye], but I know it’s out there and it’s the first work I think he’s done solo in a couple of years […] So I look forward to hearing it at some point.”

Why, Marco? Why?

We know you’re up for re-election in about four years, and many of your colleagues will battle it out in the upcoming midterms, but this shameless attempt to appeal to younger voters is so transparent and, quite frankly, embarrassing. If you truly want to get the millennial vote, you’ll have to do a lot more than flex your elementary knowledge of hip-hop and pop culture.