The Game is paying the price for his role in promoting a cryptocurrency company that falsely claimed to change the weed industry. According to a report from The Blast, the rapper has been swept up in a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the crypto business named ParagonCoins.

The class-action suit includes the Game for helping market the crypto brand as a “path towards legalization of cannabis and a way to solve nearly every issue facing the cannabis industry.” The company claimed to “track every stage of cannabis cultivation, from the purchasing of seeds all the way down the line to the dispensary selling the final product to consumers,” per The Blast, but that turned out to be nothing but a ruse.

The lawsuit is claiming Paragon used the money it raised from investors not to revolutionize the cannabis industry, but to purchase real estate. The plaintiffs are suing the crypto business for deceiving its investors. The Game is listed in the suit as a member of the company’s advisory board. The suit also claims the rapper used his fame and following to advertise on behalf of Paragon and Paragon ICO, making him liable for deceiving investors.

The Game did share several posts to social media with Paragon CEO Jessica Versteeg promoting the company last fall and its ICO.

Those suing the Game and Paragon are seeking unspecified damages, and want a court order that declares the company and its executives broke the law. The suit also wants a judge to halt the company from transferring or using any of the remaining funds it raised in order to repay its investors. The original lawsuit was filed back in January, but the Game was just added to the list of defendants on June 22.

This is only the Game's most recent lawsuit. Earlier this month we reported that the rapper lost his $20 million suit against Viacom, over sexual assault allegations from one of the contestants on his show.