Soldier Kidd says he deserves an apology from those who accused him of killing XXXTentacion.

On Thursday night, the Florida rapper returned to Instagram to readdress the rumors about his connection to XXX’s fatal shooting earlier this week. Kidd called the accusations unfair, before expressing his condolences and acknowledging his newfound “fame.”

“It’s your boy Soldier Kidd straight from South Florida. You already know what it is,” he said in the video. “I’m hopping on the ‘gram again to let y’all know that I ain’t find none of that shit fair what y’all are accusing me of, killing X and what not. I just feel like I deserve an apology from all y’all. Everybody that tried to crucify me in my comments. All the celebrities that tried to promote I killed this man. All y’all was wrong and I can prove y’all wrong, you feel me? R.I.P. to X and all my condolences go to his family. But y’all done gave us fame, and we’re finna to run with it. You feel me?”

Kidd and his affiliate Soldier JoJo previously denied any involvement in the attack, insisting they had nothing but love for Florida and the late rapper; however, some fans remained skeptical.

According to initial reports, one of the suspects was wearing a red mask before fleeing the murder scene. One of Kidd’s associates is seeing wearing a red mask in the rapper’s “Better Be” music video, leading many people to believe he was somehow involved.

Late Wednesday night, authorities arrested Dedrick D. Williams in the murder of XXX. The 22-year-old tattoo artist was booked on multiple charges, including first degree murder and driving without a license. He is being held without bond in the Broward County jail. Authorities have issued additional arrest warrants for two other suspects.