Widely accepted as one of the most talented and influential producers in grime's history, Prince Rapid's latest banger "Fresh N Clean" has now arrived to remind us there's more to him than 140BPM. The new single plunges headlong into UK funky territory with some big and bouncy percussion behind those vibe-filled vocals, and infectious hook. It couldn't have come at a better time either, as the sun beats down on the UK. So cake yourself in sun cream, get the beers out the fridge and crank this one up loud.

"I created 'Fresh N Clean' as a dance-focused track packed with infectious energy to make people move," Rapid told Complex. "The record still has loads of elements that you can find in my grime records, like the barking dogs, a distinctive bass line and a progressive beat structure, but this just changes up the mood. As a producer, I like to capture and create vibes and stir up emotion and, whilst a lot of people may know me for my grime-focused cuts, 'Fresh N Clean' is just one example of the fact my music is universal and open to interpretation rather than being boxed in to one lane."