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19-year-old Belgium-born, Berlin-based singer MOLI is currently preparing to drop her as-yet-untitled new EP (release date TBC) and she's already got the first video ready to share. The first track from the release is "Didn't Mean To", on which MOLI explores the effects of short term dating from a male perspective. "Didn't Mean To" is the young singer's debut single, featuring fresh, soulful vocals sitting effortlessly on a beat which is ready-made for your speakers.

Speaking about the track, she said: "I remember dating somebody a while back, where nothing was made official relationship-wise, and things were good, but then feelings changed for me. This song is about getting caught up, thinking what you have with somebody is great, only to find it isn't reciprocated, and because you're not technically official, it's easy for the other person to feel no empathy nor guilt. It's heartbreaking."