2017's Into The Wilderness EP showcased the talents of Jaz Karis, and together with lead single "Sugar Don't Be Sweet"—with its loose concept base and animated visual—the Brit school alumna has made a bright impact on us. Today, Jaz Karis returns with twin treats in the form of "Pretty Dreamer" and "Petty Lover".

For background on both, "Pretty Dreamer", in Karis' own words, "started out as just a jam session with producer Blue Lab Beats." Its result: a slow-burning, ponderous slice of soul music, which wonderfully leads into the next. 

For "Petty Lover", there's a more personal perspective taken: "I literally came straight from a situation to the studio with Aston [Rudi], and pretty much let it all out. At the end, I realised how us as people can be so petty when there is so much more going on."

The merging of life into art has long been the hallmark of a great artist, so for this emerging singer-songwriter, she appears to be on the right track.